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Our practice

We work within large organizations, profit and non-profit, complex and often international. Our customers are individuals and teams who play an important role within these organizations. Organizations tend to call on us to work on new challenges (rather than healing the wounds of the past). In our work we never lose track of the business issues facing the organization we’re working with.
In our experience, the people we coach are often not aware of what they really need when they start working with us. A successful coaching is when our customers learn to better connect with their needs, better express them and feel more self-confident in satisfying them and achieving their goals. The level of self-confidence and autonomy is always a key indicator for us.

Individual coaching
In our practice of individual coaching, we address the whole person: what (s)he thinks, believes and feels, what (s)he does and says. We build awareness of intentions and attention (focus). Most of our work is dealing with relationships – relationships to self and relationships to others (leadership, management, communication)
Though we primarily work on the issues the customer brings to the table, we at times will equally work on our relationship – building awareness on what’s happening here and now between the 2 of us.

Team coaching
In team coaching we work on the quality of the relationships within the team. The teams we work with need to share more on how they work together, give each other feedback, build awareness of what needs to be expressed within the team, discover and test new options going forward. Our roles are to free energy within the teams and help them go to the next phase of their relationship … in order to meet their collective goals.
For individual and collective coaching we rely on the code of ethics of the International Coaching Federation

Organizational coaching
Most of our work is with large teams (over 40), helping them face major organizational issues (such as building vision, developing strategy, transforming a business model, implementing a transformation like a merger). In this case we use coaching as a discipline in the way we accompany the client:
Dans ce cas nous utilisons le coaching comme une discipline d'accompagnement du client :

  • Work with collective intelligence :  organizations have the ability to find solutions to their challenges … as long as they bring enough of the key players into the room to work on them together
  • Co-create and co-facilitate the seminars with representatives of the company
  • Focus on organizational learning(how can the organization keep learning while we work with them and after we have finished)
  • Help build awareness of the leaders of the company of the power of cooperation, collective intelligence and organizational learning practices
  • Keep as much as possible a posture of coach at all times : our role is to build and lead a process that will allow the organization to discover its own solutions, all by themselves

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