Terres Inconnue

Our methodology

The coach creates the conditions for this self-discovery, through careful questioning, active listening and reformulating.
We define active listening as the ability of the coach

  • (1) to perceive with all his/her senses -primarily eyesight, hearing and felt sense
  • (2) to process this information with numerous intelligences : analytical, emotional, spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal, strategic, rhythm and music, language, imagination, artistic, metaphoric and
  • (3) to engage in constructive questioning and reformulation.

Questions build self-awareness, new insights and options that the coachee(s) can decide to try out and implement. Our questions and some of the tools we use (images, breathing and grounding, metaphors) allow our coachees to practice these different ways of perceiving and understanding their issues. They thus can develop new strategies to address their issues at hand.

In order to make this work possible, it is necessary for the coach to have a deep respect for his/her customer, that a strong reliable relation becomes established between the coach and his/her customer, and that the coach always keeps in mind that the customer possesses all the resources to find his/her own solutions and implement them.

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