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Christopher Peterson

Coach, facilitator and trainer: facilitating individual and organizational transformation through individual and team coaching, mediation, large group facilitation, leadership training programs
ICF ACC certified

What makes me unique?
  • American in France for 45 years, I work indifferently in French and English and feel very much at ease in dealing with multicultural issues, with a strong awareness of organizational complexity from my experience within and alongside corporations
  • I take great pleasure facilitating active learning: I enjoy helping my clients discover the answers to their issues all by themselves.
  • I love bringing together a wide variety of approaches (NLP, Nonviolent communication, Jungian archetypes, constellations, metaphors, clean language, presencing, storytelling) to stimulate presence and many forms of intelligence (emotional, body, systemic, spiritual, intuitive, imaginative …)
  • My motto: the best way to bring a change to this world is to take care of one self. When you truly dedicate yourself to this, sustainability comes naturally. To do so, I rely on therapy, supervision, constellation workshops, voice workshops, martial arts, yoga  and daily meditation
Work Experience
  • Controller and Finance Director 1983-1997 (Société Générale, SMT Goupil, Avery International, Unisys, Oracle); management and senior management experience
  • Strategy Consultant – financial and customer strategy : 1998-2003 (Valoris, eLoyalty, Secor), experience working for many of the top multinational companies based in France
  • Coach, facilitator and trainer since 2002 (Secor, independent in 2006, co-founder of Terres Inconnues in 2008)
Education, training and supervision
  • Business: HEC in 1980, MBA at Tulane Business School, New Orleans, 1983
  • Individual and team coaching: Transformance (2002-2003), NLP R Dilts (2009), Relationship coaching - ORSC (2010)
  • Facilitation: Human Element of Will Schutz (2007), Non Violent Communications (2008); Authentic Leadership in Action (2009 – 2013)
  • Coached by Danièle Darmouni MCC (2006-2007), Daniel Grosjean (2009), François Délivré and Deborah Price PCC (2011-2012)
  • Group supervision: with Alain Cardon MCC (2005-2007) Lynne Burney MCC (2008-2009) and Hélène Colle (since 2010).
  • Monthly peer group work since 2002
  • Individual and team coaching: AIG, Airbus, AXA, la Banque Postale, BNP, Beuzelin, Bureau Veritas, Cabinet Barthelemy, Caisse d’Epargne, Criteo, Fondation d’Auteuil, GDF-Suez,  Google, Intermarché, Lafarge, LaSer, Natixis, OCDE, Sanofi Avenits
  • Facilitation of organizational transformation through collective intelligence processes : Aide et Action, Air France, AXA, Beuzelin, Bureau Veritas,  GDF-Suez , InterMarché, Laser, Natixis, RFF/SNCF, Siemens VAI, Systra, Technicolor, Thales, Verspieren
  • Executive training in leadership and change, interpersonal effectiveness, feedback, relationship intelligence, cooperation : Aide et Action, AXA, Bureau Veritas, Danone, GDF-Suez, Lafarge
Authors I refer to
  • Michael BROWN (presence process), François DELIVRE (coaching), Robert DILTS (NLP), Arnold MINDEL (Process Work), Wendy Palmer (presence and leadership), Marshal ROSENBERG (Nonviolent communication), Will SCHUTZ (Human Element), Otto SCHARMER (Theory U), Ken WILBER (Holistic approaches)
Contribution to my field
  • International Coach Federation – President ICF France 2012-2013; member of the board since 2009 - 2014, facilitation of events
  • Society of Organizational Learning - SOL – active member since 2007, co facilitated the International SOL Forum in Paris 2014, in addition to several collective intelligence events
  • Co-author with Dominique Bessière of  the book Les Voies de la Présence, Editions Colligence 2014 on the art of developing presence in self and others – www.lesvoiesdelapresence.fr
  • Co facilitator of voice workshops in Paris – www.lesateliersdelavoix.com
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