Terres Inconnue

Issues addressed

  • Mission, vision, direction and strategies
    o    Enabling individual and collective awareness
    o    Giving direction to the company/department
    o    Clarifying purpose/mission for oneself, for the team, for the organization
    o    Researching and developing new strategies
  • Strategy implementation
    o    Understanding the phases of change and experiencing them to accelerate the process
    o    Using « Bottom up » methods to accelerate the process
    o    Communicating the change to the team/company
    o    Choosing allies and defining ad hoc structures & organizations
  • Cultural transformations
    o    Accompanying mergers to create a new common culture
    o    Boosting the energy within a group after a change in identity (change of name, acquisition, etc)
    o    Modifying leadership and management practices, customer relations practices…
  • Leadership and behavior
    o    Staying focused when faced with complex situations: conflicts, transversal relationships, organizational changes…
    o    Reconciling professional and personal obligations.
    o    Reconciling short term stakes (results) and mid-long term stakes (team, individual and self-development)
    o    Taking an elevator view of complexity (contradictory messages, overlapping priorities…)
    o    Leading when faced with change
    o    Professional reorientation

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