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Marièle Chartier


Marièle is a professional actress (Studio Pygmalion; training courses as clown: “Acting in English”, H.B. Studio in New York).  She is also a dancer (Jazz dancing in Paris and New York as well as ballet) and a singer.

She taught Jazz dancing for 20 years and has performed in several plays (her most recent plays: “Assassinez-moi” by Bruno Allain, produced by Pauline Tanon; “Pas de deux...et variations” by Marie Gayet, produced by Lucia Pozzi “Création Avignon 2005”). She produced and danced in “Frères Jacques...Dormez-vous? with four actresses-singers and a pianist (2008) as well as in Brecht/Weil’s “Les 7 péchés capitaux” (Genève, 1993).  She is also a choreographer. At present, she is the head of a theater workshop in Paris and coaches artists. She also conducts, both in French and Enlish, several theater workshops in different companies (Canon, Thalès, Adeco, Véolia Environment).

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